Choosing the Right Product Packaging

Product Packaging

Getting the right product packaging is vital if you intend to get your product on the shelves without any hiccups. Unfortunately, it can be quite complex, with different countries around the globe having unique (and sometimes complex) regulations on packaging requirements. Non-compliance with regulations can results in shipments being returned, additional costs, and having to repackage your products. In other words, it will cause you a massive headache and a great deal of additional expense, and delay your products from coming to market.

Also, consider the transportation method and whether it is suitable for a product with your intended packaging, and if possible, try to reduce the size of the packaging to reduce shipping costs. This may sounds obvious but many companies may overlook this and will pay extra shipping costs as a result.

You will need to find out any handling or inspection requirements which your goods will go through, and if your goods are going to be thoroughly inspected, bear this in mind when packaging everything up for freighting. Try to package your goods in a way that they can be opened and inspected without causing damage to the packaging or the goods to make everything run more smoothly both for you and the freight company.

Try to use eco-friendly materials wherever possible, and consider how easy it would be for the customer to return the product to you if required, as many governments now have legislation which makes the manufacturer responsible for the product for a reasonable period of time after purchase.

Remember that if you go for expensive, stylish packaging, you could end up losing out if the packaging is easily damaged during shipping or from being inspected, so go for something sturdy that will survive the process, and something which ticks all the boxes above.

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