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Logisuite is the only software in the freight forwarding industry that is easy to adapt to all business need. Logisuite is well-known for tailoring not only reports and forms but also applications and dashboards.
In the event that you require assistance from our experts, contact us and we will start the process immediately.


Electronic Data Interchange Tech Support.
Founded with a simple goal: become the clear choice for logistics software. Helping, adapting and growing your business.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is critical to a growing business. Logisuite applications utilize multiple methods such as traditional ANSI ASC X12, EDIFACT, CSV, flat file, delimited text and even XML to provide you with the most complete suite of options for interfacing with your partners. In addition, the available options will help you create & implement customer or vendor-specific EDI document require- ments regardless of the data system used.
With EDI, paper transactions are replaced with electronic transactions, the benefits of saving time and eradicating errors cannot be overemphasized. Data can be exchanged at any time and related business expenses, such as postage, phone calls and handling can be significantly reduced. EDI can aid in the support of manufac- turing requirements such as ‘Just in Time’ inventory, third party warehousing and transportation along with important financial requirements such as electronic payments.

Tech Support

Our technical support team is committed to provide superior support service, and is available twenty four hours seven days a week.
We understand how critical it is for our clients to have their logistics software running 100% of the time. That is why we give our support department the higher priority.

E-mail Support

If you have non-time critical issues of just have some questions please feel free to email yours inquires to You may also use our online support request form. We typically answer inquiries within a few hours.


Training content: Logisuite’s objectives are to support our clients to take advantage of all of the system’s capabilities. During the training sessions, we focus our attention not only on providing a superior understanding of the system modules and answering client’s questions but also on identifying ways to enhance clients’ operations.
A well trained staff won’t just help enhance your operation but will increase their commitment with the company.

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