Four Common Traits of the Best Logistics Companies

Freight forwarders are crucial worldwide for import and exports, and therefore absolutely vital to keep the global trade wheels turning. It should be of no surprise, therefore, that there are tens of thousands of individual freighting companies, and choosing one for your business could be a potential minefield. However, there are four key traits which the cream of the crop share between them and these are what you should be looking for:
• They offer flexible services that can be tailored to suit you. They will have multiple shipping options and pricing to reflect this. The best companies will either have, or be able to arrange door-to-door solutions for you almost anywhere in the world.
• They have a huge wealth of experience and the credentials to match. Check to see if they are registered with the FMC for sea-shipping, and IATA and TSA for air-freight shipping. The top companies will have been operating for many years and be well-known names around the globe already.
• They have a simple, easy to understand pricing structure, with everything clear to ensure that there are no hidden charges. Prices for insurance, any incidentals, and duty and excise will be made clear to the customer before the deal is struck, enabling you to budget accurately and not be landed with additional bills or charges which will eat into your company’s profits.
They will be reliable and compliant. Remember that as the manager of your company and the owner of the goods, it is you that is liable for compliance with regards to importing and exporting, and a good company will know this. The best companies will feel as if you are operating with a partner and not a contractor, and be able to assist you every step of the way, preventing you from making potentially expensive mistakes.