The Perfect Logistic Software

Logisuite is a software for small and large companies that operate in all sectors of the logistic industry. Our system covers all the intricate operations involved in the shipping process including export, import, domestic and accounting. All data is shared across the entire system allowing users to work quickly and reducing mistakes. Our customers were amazed by the efficiency of the Logisuite, considering that the complex array of processes related to operating a large business can easily lead to human mistakes and financial lose.

Logisuite Enterprise offers an array of advanced features such as automatic rating systems, advanced search and filters, integrated user security, easy emailing of forms and reports and much more. Also Logisuite Enterprise is fully integrated with Logisuite Information Portal a complete Cargo Tracking System offering many key e-commerce features.

One of the most appealing features of our company and software is our ability to work with you to add or modify features in the system. For more information about Logisuite Information Portal visit the Information Portal product page.