Improve Warehouse Workflow with Cargo Management Software

Many companies are finding that the traditional warehouse management approach is starting to feel outdated. They want to reach a new level of efficiency, accuracy, and visibility without investing an enormous amount of money into new systems. (While robotics is on the horizon, not everyone is ready to fill their facility with AMRs!) There’s a solution: upgrading to a better cargo warehouse management software.

What are the benefits of a cargo management software within the warehouse?
Implementing a new solution can be costly, but we firmly believe that it is worth the cost due to its ability to save time and costs while reducing complexity throughout the supply chain.
With excellent cargo warehouse management software, you can manage and control the flow of cargo as it enters your warehouse. Your receiving, inventory control, and shipping processes will stay on track as you go about your daily operations. Instead of a typical warehouse operation, you can revolutionize your process into a totally connected logistics and fulfillment business!
And, with a well-thought-out management system, you can reduce labor costs, improve flexibility, reduce error and improve inventory accuracy, and serve your customers better. You’ll have valuable data to help you make better decisions.

Who needs a warehouse management system?
Warehousing companies, freight forwarding companies, and shipping companies can all benefit greatly from cargo management software.
When you’re receiving goods at your docks, storing them in your warehouses, filling out shipping documents, or overseeing your operations, you can rely on your management software to make things easier. You’ll get all the tools you need to process your warehouse options from one end to the next. In addition, you can generate invoices and integrate with various accounting software programs. This makes it easier to manage your business’s finances and stay on top of bookkeeping.

Understanding the Logisuite Cargo Warehouse Management (CWM) system
Our comprehensive warehouse management system combines powerful tracking and reporting features to help you collect, manage, and glean answers from your data. It provides the modules you need to easily manage inventory, shipping, receiving, labor, rates, billing, and much more.

What features and capabilities does CWM have?
With the Logisuite Cargo Warehouse Management System, you can:
• Generate warehouse receipts
• Record the withdrawal of all or part of cargo from your warehouse
• Allocate inventory/cargo to its dedicated location
• Manage linking and conversion of shipments
• Manage in/out and storage billing
• Manage barcodes and scan items
• Get notified of events
• Get cargo status updates, tracking and POD web integration
• Attach pictures, scans, and files
• Generate reports that are customized to your needs
• Directly email or fax labels, invoices, reports, and forms
• Integrate CWM software with accounting software like QuickBooks, Peachtree, MAS90, etc.
• Integrate CWM software with the Logisuite LSAccounting System
And, that’s not all. With a flexible platform, you can adapt your CWM software to meet your business’s needs.

With years of experience providing user-friendly logistics software, we’re here to help you! Get your free trial today or contact us with any questions you may have.