The Importance of the Automated Manifest System (AMS)

Security threats are an unfortunate reality in any business, and freight transportation is clearly no exception. That is why the United States implemented the Automated Manifest System, or AMS, in 2004. The Automated Manifest System is controlled by the US Department of Customs and Border Protection, and it applies to freight being shipped by air, rail, road, and/or ocean.

How AMS Works ?
The Automated Manifest System is a security measure that requires that any shipment entering or passing through the United States provides details about its cargo contents. Prior to reaching American soil, the cargo information must be provided so that the US Customs Department can verify that the shipment is legal.
As an electronic information transmission system, AMS system is computer-controlled and directly connected to the US Customs department for ease of transmission. There is a fee for AMS, and it must be covered either by the supplier or by the client. With freight forwarding software, AMS is simple to manage.
For a very in-depth explanation of AMS and how it works, you can visit the Customs and Border Patrol website.

How AMS Saves Time ?
AMS is intended to be efficient for all who are involved in the process. With computer-based processes, AMS doesn’t require physical paperwork, which eliminates the need to store and organize physical documents. It makes it easier for customs officials to identify threats, and it allows non-threatening shipments to pass through uninhibited.
It helps you maintain your normal cargo transit schedule as you ship internationally. In most cases, with accurate AMS data, your cargo won’t warrant examination and can be released immediately.

What Happens if You Don’t Comply with AMS ?
AMS compliance is a big deal, and it is important that freight transportation companies get it right every time. If you fail to comply, these are some of the scenarios that could occur:
• Your shipment will likely be seized so that customs officials can inspect it for threats
• A monetary penalty could occur
• The transit process will be delayed indefinitely
• The shipment will be behind schedule, causing financial and other problems for shipping companies and receivers
• Diplomatic problems could potentially arise between countries
While you may not like the strict rules imposed by AMS, it’s necessary if you’re planning to import cargo into the United States by any method of transportation.

Freight Forwarding Software for AMS Compliance
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