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ISF Importer Security Filing (ISF)

File ISF quickly and easily. Filing an Importer Security Filing (ISF 10+2) is the responsibility of all Importer(s).
The Security Filing, commonly known as the “10+2” initiative, is a Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regulation that requires importers and vessel operating carriers to provide additional advance trade data to CBP pursuant to Section 203 of the SAFE Port Act of 2006 and section 343(a) of the Trade Act of 2002, as amended by the Maritime Transportation Security Act of 2002, for non-bulk cargo shipments arriving into the United States by vessel.
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INTTRA Integration

Simplify communication with ocean carriers, specifically bookings, shipping instructions and container tracking. Enhancing efficiency of the shipping process!

The EDI capability resulting from the integration of Logisuite software with INTTRA will now allow clients to send booking requests and shipping instructions to carriers electronically. Logisuite clients will receive a confirmation and information needed to track the status of containers.
INTTRA add-one enables shippers, freight forwarders, and third party logistics providers, to manage the booking, documentation and tracking of cargo and the negotiation of freight services across multiple shipping lines in a single integrated process. INTTRA delivers connectivity by establishing global shipping standards, meeting today’s demand for simplicity, transparency, and confidentiality across the global supply chain.
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  • Booking Request & Confirmation
  • Shipping Instructions
  • Container Event Status
  • Picture, scans and files attachments available
  • Web Tracking / Status update
  • And more…


The Air Waybill (AWB)

The Air Waybill (AWB) is a document that establishes the agreement of transportation between the shipper and the airline.
The e-AWB is the advance type of a paper AWB. The e-AWB eliminates the necessity for a paper Air Waybill, considerably improving productivity on the air freight process. All the data contained in the AWB is electronically transmitted to the carrier saving processing time, avoiding higher costs of documents processing and maintaining records available for future audits.
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The Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) brought about some mandatory regulations issued by International Maritime Organization IMO). Also called the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) requirement for shipping, the regulation became effective on July 2016. With SOLAS, container and their cargo must be weighed preceding stacking the vessel.
Make compliance easy and worry free: Use Logisuite software for all your ocean shipments. Add our electronic VGM feature for your shipments to ensure they meet the standards so you can reassure your customers that their containers will meet the regulations.)
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Information Portal
Allows 24/7 real-time access to shipment status information, tracking data and related shipping documents! Authorized user can search, view and print.

Logisuite Information Portal Offers access to cargo status information directly through your company’s internet website providing your customers with a powerful online shipment tracking tool. Authorized user can search, view and print information in various forms, such as: Warehouse Receipts, House Airwaybills, Master Airwaybills, House Bill of Ladings, Master Bill of Ladings and Cargo Manifest.
Information Portal offloads much of the administrative overhead associated with addressing client shipment inquiries helping you reduce cost and increasing employee productivity. Also agents can enter POD information without having to call your office. They may also keep track of all cargo going to their office.
Once Information Portal is installed your are in full control of what clients can see through your e-commerce site. Each client or agent has his own access account that lets them access only the information relevant to them.
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Denied Party Screening

Ensure that you are compliant with government regulations and protect yourself from dealing with organizations/individuals that are sanctioned by government agencies or restricted from conducting trade!

Penalties, fines, loss of export privileges or imprisonment can apply in cases of non-compliance. Denied Party Screening is integrated with Logisuite’s operational modules to reduce compliance risks. The screening process searches against a comprehensive database of Denied Parties lists from government agencies on all organizations and contacts entered.
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Central Dispatch

Central dispatch is the savviest approach to administer transportation your own. Logisuite integration with Central Dispatch will accelerate your business and keep your trucks packed of cargo.
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